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Summer 2001

A Message From
Father Gruner

    I have been a Catholic priest for twenty-five years and have dedicated more than twenty-four years of my priestly life to promoting the full Fatima Message. It is my conviction that this Fatima Message needs to be known, understood and appreciated so that it may be followed by as many souls as possible.

Through Our Lady of Fatima, Heaven has given us a simple means of achieving world peace and the salvation of souls.

It is hard to believe that with a clear means to world peace given by Heaven, Our Lady's requests have not yet been obeyed. It is even harder to believe that so many Catholics are indifferent to Her Message. More frightening still is Our Lady's warning that there would be no peace and that "various nations will be annihilated" if mankind does not cease offending God, and if Her loving requests are not fulfilled.

I have assembled a Fatima apostolate of dedicated individuals and supporters who are working to achieve world peace and the salvation of souls through the Message of Fatima. We have worked hard, we have been blessed with many accomplishments, but we need to work harder to achieve Our Lady's goals.

This conference on the theme of Fatima and World Peace will contain an impressive array of speakers and experts contributing to a unique, dynamic itinerary. These Fatima conferences are milestones in promoting the full Fatima Message. After one Peace Conference, a Catholic bishop wrote to tell me, "I feel obliged to say a word of thanks to you ... We came back safely and started at the parish and even at the diocesan level to spread the Message of Fatima."

The full Fatima Message is the only way to world peace. The hour is late and the urgency of Her message increases. It is especially important that we alert as many souls as possible to this truth in order to counteract counterfeit solutions for peace, such as the godless United Nations.

Msgr. Michel Schooyans, a noted Belgian political theorist from Louvain University, said at a Vatican conference last autumn that the United Nations actually aims to create a new world order over which a "supergovernment" would preside. This is not a path to true peace, but the road to tyranny.

The goal of the UN, he explained, is to obtain "more and more centralized control of information, knowledge, technology, human life, health, commerce, politics and law." He warned that the UN wants to supersede Christianity with the neo-pagan cult of Mother Earth. "The Church," he said, "will have no choice but to fight against such a form of globalization."

What better way for the Church to fight these dire threats than by obeying Our Lady's Message at Fatima? It is the one and only solution Heaven has given.

Please join us in Rome in order to "Know Fatima, Know Peace". If there is no obedience to Fatima, there will be no peace. This is your chance to stand on the side of Our Lady against the malevolent forces arrayed against Her. Write or call now and reserve your place at Fatima Peace Conference 2001.

Father Nicholas Gruner

Sincerely in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

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