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Critical Issues Impacting You... Rome 2001 Conference Speakers A Message from Father Nicholas Gruner

Here is the Evidence They Were Warned
and Invited to Attend

This collection of letters, reminders and e-mail messages shows how The Fatima Crusader warned tens of thousands of leaders, opinion-makers and members of the press worldwide of the terrible and imminent threat to world peace, before the tragic terrorist acts of September 11. No one can say that the world has not been warned. Now, it is time for us to act to bring about world peace, in the manner commanded by God through Our Lady of Fatima.

Letter to Media
This letter was circulated, starting on August 30, 2001, to 32,000 members of the print and broadcast media worldwide. It invited them to attend and cover the 6th World Peace Conference as a matter of the utmost urgency, so that Our Lady’s message might be made known before it is too late. A shorter version was sent by e-mail on September 10 to 36,000 journalists.

Letter to World Leaders
Within a week after invitations were sent to the press, we wrote this letter to 25,000 politicians and leaders of public opinion, begging them to come to the Peace Conference, so their influence can be used to bring peace to the world through the only means given to us by God. A shorter version was sent by e-mail on September 10 to over 200,000 world leaders, and may have been read by some even as the planes slammed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Invitation to English-speaking Bishops
Invitation to Bishops who read Italian
Invitation to North American Priests
Invitation to Italian-speaking Priests

These four invitations were mailed out, starting on August 30, to 61,000 North American and 7,000 Italian priests, as well as 1,500 English - speaking bishops and 2,500 bishops who read Italian.

Letter and e-mail sent to the Media
The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, certainly did immediately after the terrorist attack, cause the Vatican's Press office to announce Father Gruner's "suspension" and stepped up his already ongoing campaign to sabotage the World Peace Conference and silence Father Gruner.

Press Release to World Leaders
Press Release to the Media

These reminders were e-mailed to over 235,000 world leaders and members of the press on September 20. Reaction has been amazing! We learned that, indeed, very few were listening to our “voice crying in the wilderness”. Now, however, people are finally starting to pay attention to Our Lady’s Message.

Prediction of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon

This is the letter in which we predicted the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. In this notice, circulated in the first week of September, we urged 57,000 media people and leaders of public opinion to “remember one thing”, that is, Our Lady’s dire warning. We are not saying “We told you so!”, only making it clear that we must act now before anything else happens, to bring about world peace, in the manner commanded by God through Our Lady of Fatima.

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