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“Make It Known to My Ministers”

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

The Catholic Church, and the priests and the bishops and the Pope — Our Lord's ministers — need to recognize and realize that the annihilation of nations will occur, unless they do the Consecration of Russia in time, and that there is no other solution.

The United Nations will not deliver us. Mr. Bush in Washington will not deliver us. Moscow and China will not deliver us. Whether the threat comes from North Korea, whether the annihilation comes from the United States or Moscow, or all of them together, it is really immaterial in some way. Yet there is a solution, and only one solution! And that is the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart — in the public, solemn manner prescribed.

I. “They Will Follow Him into Misfortune”

Unfortunately, Catholic priests and bishops, and even the Popes, have had the idea in their minds that they have an option to disobey Our Lady's request for the consecration if they so choose.

And so it is that at Rianjo, Our Lord tells them that option is not real. He says, “Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune.”

The King of France was commanded by the Sacred Heart through St. Margaret Mary (she wasn't canonized until 1920, but she already had a reputation for holiness in her lifetime). The Sacred Heart appeared to her on June 17, 1689 and commanded that the King of France dedicate, consecrate the Kingdom of France; that the emblem of the Sacred Heart be put on the flag of France; that a public ceremony be held in the court of the King dedicating France to the Sacred Heart.

We all know that in 1793 a later King of France, while in jail before his execution, tried to fulfill this command. But he could not do it because, by then, he was in jail. He made some private ceremony, but that is not what Our Lord wanted. He wanted a solemn public ceremony.

For 100 years the Kings of France had been given their chance. The set time was over. On June 17, 1789, one hundred years later to the day, the King of France was stripped of his power; that is, de facto, the Third Estate declared itself the national assembly, declared itself superior to the King. Three weeks later, the King was imprisoned; and four years after that, he was executed, decapitated. He was not just decapitated, or injured, in some sort of accident — he was executed as if he were a criminal.

Now what Our Lord told Sister Lucy, to make known to His ministers, is what, in fact, Cardinal Ratzinger and Archbishop Bertone made known to the ministers in the name of Our Lady of Fatima. You see, what they released as the Third Secret is in fact a picture of what will take place — I believe in the near future — unless the Pope and the bishops do the Consecration in time.

There are only ten years left before 100 years have passed for the Message of Fatima. Will God give us as much time as the Kings of France had? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. There is a set time.

As St. Alphonsus tells us in Scripture, “Everything is measured with God. There is a time after which the time of justice takes place.”

“Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France, they will follow him into misfortune.” As St. Paul tells us in Sacred Scripture, all Scripture is inspired — to correct, to teach, to rebuke.

Similarly, the historical fact that the Kings of France refused to obey the requests of the Sacred Heart is being used by God to teach a lesson today. It's being used as a teaching tool for the Pope and the bishops and the priests, to obey before it is too late for each of us or all of us.

We are told, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” That promise is absolute: “in the end”. Whether it be this Pope or the next Pope or the next Pope, one of them will finally do the Consecration.

But woe to those who haven't done it in time, when they have had the opportunity. That is what Our Lord is saying at Rianjo — in a few words.

Is this possible? We have to ask ourselves, “Do we believe the Mother of God more than we believe the heads of State? More than we believe the leaders of movements such as Communism, or the New World Order, or Freemasonry, or whatever other movement there is out there?”

Our Lord knows the hearts of men. He knows that we cannot trust any human promises contrary to His request. Because ultimately, He wills that this is the way He is going to bring peace. He will not bless some other method that shuns His Mother, that shuns His plan that He has explicitly announced.

There is no other alternative. We can deceive ourselves that there is another alternative. But we will find out, to our death, to our pain, that we were wrong.

At Rianjo, Sister Lucy was praying for the conversion of Spain, of Portugal, of Russia. She was praying for the country of her adoption, Spain. She was praying for the country of her birth, Portugal. She knew, as any pastor of souls in either country, as any pastor of any souls in any country knows, that among many of her fellow people — in fact, even among the clergy — there is a great need for conversion.

Our Lord said to her, when she prayed for the conversion of Spain and Portugal, which were considered better than many other countries, “You please Me very much by praying for the conversion of those poor nations. Ask it also of My Mother.”

He then dictated two prayers. And He said to pray them often.

The first prayer is this: “Sweet Heart of Mary, be the salvation of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world.”

The second prayer He said to say at other times was: “By Thy pure and Immaculate conception, O Mary, obtain for me the conversion of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world.”

Through these prayers at Rianjo, Our Lord first of all tells us that every nation needs conversion. Then He insists that the Pope and the bishops will be punished — and no doubt the priests as well.

And we have then that vision — which was written down by Sister Lucy — which shows the execution of the Pope by a band of soldiers; followed by the execution of bishops, priests, religious and lay people. That vision is what Our Lord wanted to be made known to His ministers. No doubt Sister Lucy prayed so that at least the vision of the Third Secret would be released to us.

We know that that is not the whole Third Secret. The rest is even worse than that, by far. But that is bad enough, especially since the guns will be pointed at many — if not all — of us.

II. Fatima Movement of Priests

I would like then to ask the question: “How are we to make this known to His ministers?” And the answer, I think, is that other ministers need to explain it to them.

There are books that explain it. The Whole Truth About Fatima is just one of them. There are three volumes in this set — 2,000 pages in all. There are many other books that explain it. Whatever objection has ever been raised has been answered already, but, nevertheless, not everyone here will spend the time to read all the books on Fatima to answer these questions. And so I propose that we need priests to explain it to priests; and priests to explain it to bishops; and bishops to explain it to bishops and priests.

I propose a Fatima Movement of Priests to explain that really, despite all the illusions that the modernists offer us, there is no other real answer. To those who say that all we need to do is get along well with each other, and that dogma doesn't matter, and that dogma is a source of division, to all of them I say, “your view is false”.

Our Lord said I come not to bring peace but a sword. Those who are not for Me, are against Me. A family will be divided: mother against daughter, and father against son.”

Our first loyalty before everything else is to Jesus Christ. And that, that is a touchstone. There is a war going on — apart from the war over nuclear warheads, apart from Communism — the war that started before Adam and Eve were created: the war between satan and God.

God has appointed the leader of His army against satan: that is the Woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary. He predicted, “I will put enmities between you, devil, and the Woman (the Blessed Virgin Mary). Between your seed and Her seed. And you will strike at Her heel and She will crush your head.”

That victory of the Blessed Virgin is what the Message of Fatima is about. It is about the victory of the Woman over the dragon, seen in Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. Our Lord referred to the Blessed Virgin as “Woman” because She is the Woman of Genesis; She is the Woman at the foot of the Cross; She is the Woman of the Apocalypse; She is the Woman who will crush the serpent's head.

And She has declared how it is going to happen. It will be by the obedience of the Pope and the bishops to the command to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. This command is not given by Her but by the Most Holy Trinity, and She is relaying this command.

It is sometimes translated as a request. But if it was just simply an invitation, something that we could be optional about, then why would it be that God will punish the Pope and the bishops for disobedience? And He refers to this at Rianjo as the delay of the execution of His command.

He also refers to the fact that the Pope and the bishops will repent. He uses the term repent, meaning that they made the wrong choice, morally speaking. They will repent of their delay and then they will finally consecrate Russia.

We might ask ourselves, “What choice do we have? None of us here are the Pope, and most of us here are not bishops. So where does that leave us?” Our Lord answers that question by saying, “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”

That is why this Fatima Movement of Priests is a movement, above all, of prayer: a prayer of support for the bishops, a prayer of support for the Pope, a prayer of support for other Fatima priests who promote the Message in all truth without compromise, without being ashamed of the requests. We are quite aware that this request is not politically correct, as they use the term in the United States; it is not something that is going to gain us great friendships with the powers of the world. In fact, we know that Fatima has direct opposition and has had opposition from the beginning.

Consider that it was the civil government of Portugal that had the children imprisoned and kept in jail for two days. And the children were offered bribes: money or candy; but they would not cooperate and deny seeing Our Lady. The children also would not cooperate in the other request of the Masonic mayor — that is, they would not reveal the Secret after they told everyone that there was a Secret. Then they were threatened, and finally threatened with death, and here you have children seven, nine and ten years old.

Later, they even brought the army out to prevent pilgrims from coming to Fatima, because here is a great threat to the well-being of the State of Portugal. And yes, it was a great threat to the well-being of the Masonic State of Portugal, because it was primarily the Message of Fatima that overthrew the Masonic government. It took ten years or so. People must realize that there is a bloody opposition to the things of God, that the enemies of God are willing to use force. The enemies of God are willing to use threats.

They will start, certainly, by suggesting that we ignore, or water down, or pretend that the events at Fatima didn't happen. But ultimately there will be force and threats, if that is what it takes to prevent Our Lady of Fatima's Message from being heard.

So when Our Lady stated that the Church will suffer persecution because of the sins of men, that is going on today. That persecution is what, in part, prevents the Consecration from taking place. It is prevented from taking place because the Pope and the bishops refuse to listen and because the Pope and the bishops are often surrounded by men and women who are working for the devil.

Masonry is a religion, and if you press them for it, in the highest courts of the land, Freemasons will admit that it is a religion. They have rituals. These rituals honor the Canaanite gods, the gods that call for the sacrificing of young children. We have the ritual sacrifice that the Canaanite gods want taking place: it is called abortion. The world is ruled by these people who promote abortion as sacrifice to their god Satan.

The reign of God will be established in the world. Every day we say the Our Father, we pray “Thy Kingdom come”. If we are truly sincere in our prayer then we owe it to God to learn the truth of Fatima, because that is how the Reign of God will come, visibly, on earth — that is, as far as it can be established. The true reign of God, of course, is in Heaven, but “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”; this period of peace will definitely be given to the people of the world, but God awaits our cooperation.

So what can we do?

Today I am going to propose (I am going to speak about) a Fatima Movement of Priests. The Fatima Movement of Priests is a movement dedicated to promoting the understanding of, and adherence to, the Message of Fatima by all members of the Church. This will not be an organization but rather a movement of individual priests responding to Our Lady's Fatima requests.

III. Necessity of the Movement

Before explaining the details of the movement I propose, it is important first of all to explain why it is so necessary. I address you today, my fellow priests, and as I address you, not only do we have what you saw in the television report of the Koreans endangering us all with more radiation, but the Middle East threatens to erupt into World War III, bodies and bloodshed in Iraq increase each day.

I was just reading some statistics that in Iraq, the United States has spent more money now than they have in all of World War I; and that the cost is approximately eight billion dollars a month. What a waste.

Russia has become a neo-Stalinist dictatorship militarily allied with Red China — which is acquiring ports and airstrips in the United States — and the United States is paying for them.

The recent polls show that the peoples of Poland consider Russia to be the greatest threat to their nation. This is only the beginning of what we can expect from the resurrected Russian bear.

While the forces of war gather everywhere, the holocaust of abortion continues all over the globe, with the blood of every infant slain crying out for divine retribution. The killing of innocents is one of the four crimes that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. Women are now using cells from the bodies of aborted children for beauty treatments.

In every nation of the once-Christian West, secularized governments call themselves democracies and boast of their liberty while they are pressing their attack on religion, and even on the natural law.

Russia, which some dare to tell us has been converted since 1984, has less Catholics there than in 1917, and the life expectancy has decreased for the Russian male from 68 years old in 1990 to 60 years old. The leading causes of death are violence (that is, Russian men are killing each other) and alcoholism (they are drinking themselves to death). This is no sign of conversion, by anybody's standards.

In Russia, which some dare to say has been converted since 1984, the Catholic Church is barely allowed to exist. In China, the Church has been driven underground, her priests and bishops arrested, imprisoned and harassed by Communist functionaries.

In other countries of the so-called Third World, Catholic minorities suffer violence and persecution at the hands of non-Catholic majorities. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and other natural disasters — some of our brother priests from the Philippines couldn't be here because of a typhoon that just hit them before they were about to leave — batter our troubled world.

St. Alphonsus explains that God uses these means as chastisements and to warn us to amend our lives. Apparently, most people are not paying attention. There are threats of even worse disasters to come.

Pope Pius XII, in 1951, said “The world is now today worse than before the flood.” What would that great Pope say about the state of the world today?

We can go on and talk about what Pope St. Pius X said 43 years earlier, that he was “terrified beyond all else by the disastrous state of human society of today. Who can fail to see that society is, at the present time, more than any other age in the past, suffering from a terrible deep-rooted malady that continues to develop every day, eating into its inmost being, and dragging humanity to destruction?”

This is Pius X speaking 100 years ago about our time. He goes on to tell us that in seeing the tremendous evils around, is this not the foretaste of the man of perdition, the man of sin, the Antichrist being nearby?

“When this is all considered,” St. Pius concluded, “there is good reason to fear lest this great perversity may, as it were, be a foretaste and perhaps the beginning of those evils which were reserved for the last days. That there may already be in the world the son of perdition, of whom the apostle speaks.”

Even Pope John Paul II, for all his optimism about the modern world, was compelled to admit, not long before the end of his life, that all of Europe had succumbed to “a vision of man apart from God and apart from Christ” and that “European culture gives the impression of silent apostasy on the part of people who live as if God does not exist.”

“The results of this sudden apostasy,” said the late Pope, are “the diminishing number of births, the decline of the number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and the difficulty, if not the outright refusal, to make life-long commitments, including marriage.”

Pope John Paul's words reflect the awful reality that throughout the nations of former Christendom, the great mass of people practice contraception, rendering their marriages infertile, living in the state of disobedience to the natural law that is written on their hearts, not to mention the infallible teaching of the Church against contraception. These people lose the grace of God and His blessings on their families, putting themselves under the power of the devil.

How can we say that? We are reminded of the teachings of Tobias, or more exactly, the teachings of St. Raphael the Archangel in the book of Tobias, in the Old Testament. Condemning “those who in such manner receive matrimony as to shut out God from themselves and from their minds, and give themselves over to their lust, as the horse and the mule which do not have understanding; over them the devil has power.” It is from the book of Tobias, Chapter Six if you wish to look it up.

Who can deny that in this age of contraception, abortion and divorce, the devil indeed has gained power over vast masses of people who once were Christian? The family is disintegrating, and society is disintegrating along with it. The nations of the West are dying out for lack of children, while Muslim populations threaten to overrun the last vestiges of Christian civilization.

At the same time the Church, too, undergoes a crisis that is perhaps the worst in our entire history: the collapse of faith and discipline, scandals everywhere, the loss of vocations, mass defections from the Church into sects of all kinds.

The Vatican's own statistics show that over the past 26 years, that is from 1978 to 2004 (if they were to go back to 1965, it would be much worse), the total number of priests in the world has declined 3.5%; the number of male religious by 27%; the number of women religious by 22%. The number of priests and religious has declined while the world population has grown.

If you take the number of Catholics — it was, in 1965, about 700 million — it is now over one billion and yet they have less priests and religious to take care of them. So the decline is much worse than just those straight numbers.

The average age of the priests is getting older because there are less and less vocations. For every three candidates for the priesthood, only one of those three make it. At the present rate, there are 28 candidates (that is counting 100% of them) for every 100 priests existing today. At that rate of one third — which I still think is generous — only 9.3 priests will make it through the seminaries for every 100 priests that exist.

Even now, priests in Africa, for example, are being transferred to Ireland, which at one time provided priests for much of the world. I don't know if Ireland had an ordination this year, maybe it had one. In the United States, it is the same thing. There are priests from Africa and India replacing the priests in the United States. At one point, the United States had 50,000 priests — I think it is now at 45,000 and I think that includes the priests visiting them. Churches are being closed everywhere, at least in North America and Europe.

The world's population in 1978 was 18% Catholic; now it is 17%. It doesn't look like much, but a 1% loss is considerable. When you consider the population expansion that the world has undergone, it is a great drop.

At the same time the majority of those who still call themselves Catholic no longer feel any obligation to adhere to any teaching of the Church with which they happen to disagree. Catholics are now largely indistinguishable from Protestants and Jews. And the Jews have legalized abortion, contraception, and divorce. No wonder Pope John Paul II spoke of a silent apostasy in the Church.

Looking at the state of the world today, who cannot see what the whole line of Popes have seen, that the forces of rebellion against Christ and His Church have pushed the world ever closer to the brink of the Apocalypse? This brings me to the words of Cardinal Ratzinger, in 1984, when he told us more about the Third Secret then than he did in 2000.

Cardinal Ratzinger, of course, is the present Pope, Benedict XVI. In 1984 he said, “Yes, I have read the Secret.” He went on to say, “You could find it, it is in Sacred Scripture.” He went on to say, also, “It concerns the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian and therefore (the life) of the world.”

What we see unfolding before our eyes, if we take a moment to sit back and look at the bigger picture, is this apocalypse forming because of the apostasy. And as Cardinal Ciappi said, — as it was related in Cardinal Ciappi's letter before he died — “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”

When we see that fifty million babies are killed every year through abortion, and we know from Scripture that their blood cries to Heaven for vengeance, what sort of chastisement awaits mankind?

What will be the divine chastisement for the sins of a world that is defying God as never before in human history? Well, we have some answers, certainly, in the Message of Fatima. And we also have answers in another Church-approved apparition that took place in Japan, which has also been approved by Cardinal Ratzinger.

I'll read you some of the words given on October 13, 1973, thirty-three years ago. Our Lady, when She appeared at Akita, did not speak of any fall of Communism. The former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, has described the Message of Akita as essentially the same as the Message of Fatima.

On October 13, 1973 — the very anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun — Our Lady said to Sister Agnes of Akita, “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible chastisement on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge. Such as one has never before been seen. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful.”

Heaven has not remained silent in the face of all the evils threatening us. And Heaven is offering us a solution. As St. Thomas teaches, God sends prophets to every generation to warn of the danger to His people, to tell them what they must do to avoid the danger and save their souls.

“Despise not prophecy,” St. Paul tells us in 1 Thess. 5:19-22. And so it is Scriptural for us to pay attention to prophecy.

There are those who would claim that this is simply a private revelation. If that is what they want to call it, if it makes them feel good, that is fine. But as Bishop Graber of Germany points out, it is more than a private revelation; it is a public prophetic revelation. And some have argued that it may well be contained in Sacred Scripture.

IV. Fatima and Sacred Scripture

It seems very unusual to me that both Pope Paul VI and John Paul II, when they went to Fatima, both went back to the same Scriptural passage, Chapter 12, verse 1, in which we find the Woman of Revelation. This brings us back to another, lesser known revelation made in 1946. Bruno Cornacchiola was a Catholic who had became a Protestant fundamentalist. He was writing a tract against the Blessed Virgin, and when he was out in the park writing his tract, his children were playing soccer.

One kicked the ball into a cave, by accident, and the child who went to retrieve it didn't come back. Then the second and the third child likewise went. He was so intent on writing his tract against the Blessed Virgin that he didn't notice. Then sometime later he noticed that there were no children around. What had happened to them?

He went looking for them and he found them in the cave. They were speaking to the Blessed Virgin, and She had the Bible in Her hand. And when Bruno approached, She said, “Basta, that's enough. I am the Woman of Revelation.” She is the Woman from Chapter 12 of the book of the Apocalypse.

Pope John Paul II, when he went to Fatima in 2000, cited Chapter 12:1,3,4. If you read Chapter 12 verses 3 and 4 you will see the Bible tells us about the great red dragon, whose tail drags down one third of the stars of Heaven. Why does he cite this verse?

Well if you go back and study the symbolism of the stars of Heaven, what are they? They are the Catholic clergy. How do we know? In symbolic language, a star is what leads a sailor to his port. And it says in Scripture that the lips of the priest are to guard wisdom. A priest is one who leads people's ships — their souls — to Heaven. But one third of the stars of Heaven have been swept down by the tail of the dragon and dragged in the mud.

Pope John Paul II made it his business to quote that verse and tell us that Our Lady of Fatima's Message was warning us not to follow those who have fallen into the mud, dragged into the mud by the tail of the dragon.

It is explained in the book The Devil's Final Battle. You will find it in Chapter 13 under the subtitle “Pope John Paul II Has Twice Revealed the Essence of the Secret”. So that is why priests have been attacked by the devil and priests need the support of prayer.

Sister Lucy tells us the reason why people have fallen is because they have forgotten prayer. It is by prayer, and especially the prayer of the Rosary, that we will preserve ourselves against this insidious and diabolical attack on us, members of the clergy, priests and bishops. That is why we need to have this spiritual movement, this movement in which, first of all, we undertake, ourselves, to live the Fatima Message, to daily pray five decades of the Rosary, to wear the Brown Scapular, to consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart.

Our Lady tells us, “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that leads you to God.” We must dedicate ourselves to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart and have Her as our refuge in this onslaught of evil that surrounds us.

The Message of Fatima is what has brought us here today. It is that Message which the whole Church needs to embrace and follow immediately for the salvation of souls and peace in the world. Our Lady said: “If My requests are granted, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.” She also said: “If My requests are granted, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.”

It is that message which we, as priests, should rise up now to promote in a worldwide movement of Fatima Priests, using the means that God gives us. No matter what we think, how well or how little we are endowed by God, all of us are endowed in the priesthood by the graces of God.

And as St. James tells us, “The greatness of faith is given to those who have less of this world's goods.” So if we would use the gifts, above all the spiritual gifts that God gives us, we can do much, certainly for our own salvation, and also for the salvation of those that God puts on our path.

And if enough of us join this movement, we can bring it about that the Pope and the bishops do the Consecration of Russia.

On the other hand, if we don't do our part, then Our Lady says: “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.”

Now Communism is one of the errors, but certainly not the only error out of Russia. The primary error of this generation is the error of denying God His rights: God's right to be adored, God's right to be believed, God's right to be obeyed, God's right to be hoped in and to be loved.

It is God's right, also, to establish His kingdom on earth, God's right to establish Christ as King over all nations, and God's right to establish the Blessed Virgin as Queen over all nations.

The very first prayer that the Angel taught the children to pray was, “O my God, I adore Thee, I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee. I ask pardon for all those who do not adore Thee, who do not believe in Thee, who do not hope in Thee, who do not love Thee.”

We have the choice of either listening to Our Lady or ignoring Her. We will pay in this life, not to mention quite likely in the next life as well, a terrible price for ignoring Her. Now all priests have this obligation. But I would say that the priests and bishops in this room have more of an obligation, because you have had more opportunity to know the Message.

You may have questions, and no doubt some of the questions will not be able to be answered here for lack of time. But certainly we have the books that can answer your questions. I have been doing this for 29 years, and I have yet to find a question that cannot be answered. Usually we can answer it at the time, but if we can't we can certainly send it to you.

If you have a question that is not answered, I urge you to put it in writing so that we can preserve it. We don't need to have your name, but we need to have the question so we can send the answer. If you want, we will send it to all of you present, so that you can maintain your anonymity if you prefer. If you don't mind, then fine, give us your name along with your question.

V. Opposition to Fatima

I would like to point out though that there is opposition to Fatima. Not only in the State, not only by the Masons who work in various parts of communications and government and so forth, but there is also opposition to Fatima within the Church, within the hierarchy — among priests, among bishops, even among Cardinals.

There was a Cardinal I met during the reign of Pope John Paul II who called me the devil because I dared to tell him that Pope John Paul should consecrate Russia. By the time I finished answering him, he asked me for my blessing.

Don't be surprised if you run into opposition. Don't be surprised if it comes from quarters that you do not expect. Don't be surprised if at first you wonder what is the answer to the objections. I assure you that there is an answer to any objection to the Message of Fatima. If you don't have it, please refer it to me. And if I don't have it I will find it for you.

The Mother of God could not be clearer: souls will be lost for all eternity and various nations will be annihilated — that is, wiped off the face of the earth. There are people who say that Poland, for example, was annihilated. No. In 1795 Poland was divided, and the State of Poland disappeared from 1795 to 1919. One could say that it disappeared again from 1949, or thereabouts, until 1989.

Our Lady is not talking about States, She is talking about nations. Nations are the people. She is saying entire nations will be annihilated. And Sister Lucy, explaining in an interview (which is on pages 503-508 in the third volume of The Whole Truth About Fatima and it is also recounted again in The Devil's Final Battle), says that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth.

The Bishop of Regensberg, Bishop Graber, said “if I see that men and women will be killed, annihilated, and if I can prevent this by doing prayer and penance, and I don't do this, then I am guilty of a crime against humanity.” I would add to Bishop Graber's statement, if I know that I can prevent the annihilation of nations and I don't do my part to prevent it by getting the Consecration done, then I could also be accused of a crime against humanity.

When Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia, as he did in 1952, on July 7, the Feast of St. Methodius, he did not ask the bishops to join him. Now a Fatima writer at the time of our conference in 1985 said it was due to the criminal journalism of those who had taken out the words of Our Lady, for the Pope “together with the bishops” to consecrate Russia.

Pope Pius XII wanted to obey Our Lady. He did a Consecration of Russia, but it was not with the bishops. That was the only time Russia was consecrated in the Twentieth Century, but it was not done with the due solemnity that was needed, which included the bishops joining him in this act.

Our Lord said to the Apostles, together, “All authority is given to Me. Go therefore and teach ye all nations.” It is not just teach individuals, but teach all nations, as nations. He wants the bishops to use their apostolic authority to teach Russia, especially by using the means of grace — the means that has been set aside for all eternity for this act of divine power of grace. God first invites us, but requires our cooperation. Without our cooperation, He will not give this grace.

VI. The Requests

The first request Our Lady made, above all, was for the collegial consecration: that is, the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and bishops together, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in a solemn public ceremony conducted by the Pope and the Catholic bishops of the world.

At Fatima, on July 13, Our Lady said She would come to ask for the Consecration of Russia. On June 13, 1929 in Tuy, Spain, Our Lady appeared to Lucy to tell her that the moment had come: “The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.”

When Sister Lucy later asked Our Lord why He required this consecration, why He would not convert Russia without this consecration, He told her, “Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that it may extend its cult later on, and put the devotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.”

Our Lady of Fatima also requested the faithful to amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins: “They must not offend Our Lord anymore, for He is already too much offended.” She also requested that we say the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. Every time She came to Fatima, She insisted that we pray the Rosary every day. It is also part of the Message that we wear the Brown Scapular, the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Rosary and Scapular are inseparable, says Sister Lucy. You must do penance, especially those penances required by doing your daily duty. Our Lord explained that to Sister Lucy again, in Spain in the early 1940s.

Finally, Our Lord and Our Lady asked for the First Saturday devotions, including Communions of Reparation. It involves going to confession, receiving Holy Communion, praying five decades of the Rosary and keeping Our Lady company for fifteen minutes while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. One is to do these four things on the First Saturday of five consecutive months with the intention of making reparation.

Of course, Our Lord and Our Lady would like us to continue doing that after the Five First Saturdays.

VII. Divine Chastisement

Let us make a comparison from the Old Testament. Our time is growing short, a punishment of the world greater than the Deluge is hanging over us. How many more times must Heaven warn us before we will listen? Have we already received our final warning?

Yet God will spare us, if we heed His warning. When the Prophet Jonah warned the Ninevites that their city would be destroyed in forty days by Divine Chastisement because of their immorality, the king covered himself in sackcloth and ashes. He declared days of penance and fasting for the entire city, and decreed that every man must turn from his evil way and from violence. He thought: “Who knows? God may relent and forgive and withhold His blazing wrath so that we shall not perish.”

And God did relent. God did withhold His punishment because they did penance. God saw by their actions how they turned from their evil ways, and He did not carry out His chastisements. With the Ninevites, He sent the prophet Jonah to warn them concerning the Divine Chastisement of their city. Jonah was a reluctant prophet; he really didn't want to do it, he didn't want to tell anybody. And for that matter, he was a total stranger to them.

How can the Catholic Church not heed the warning of the very Mother of God concerning the Divine Chastisement of the whole world?

At Rianjo, in August 1931, Our Lord Himself said, “Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, they will follow him into misfortune.” We mentioned the King of France and St. Margaret Mary and what happened.

These events are yet to occur, the ones predicted at Rianjo. The Message of Fatima is not merely a prophecy of two world wars and the rise of Communism.

Sister Lucy in her interview with Father Fuentes in 1957, long after World War II was ended, had this to say about the future after 1957 (concerning both material and spiritual chastisement):

    “Father, the Most Holy Virgin is very sad because no one has paid any attention to Her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on their way but without giving any importance to Her Message. The bad, not seeing the punishment of God actually falling upon them, continue their life of sin without even caring about the Message. But believe me, Father, God will chastise the world and this will be in a terrible manner. ...

    “Tell them, Father, that many times the Most Holy Virgin told my cousins Francisco and Jacinta, as well as myself, that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. She said that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation.

    “Father, the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Blessed Virgin. And the devil knows what it is that most offends God and which in a short space of time will gain for him the greatest number of souls. Thus the devil does everything to overcome souls consecrated to God because, in this way, the devil will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders, thereby the more easily will he seize them.” (See

Hence the double chastisement, material and spiritual, which Our Lady of Akita further warned about in 1973. No doubt what is revealed in the words of Our Lady of Fatima surely accompany and explain the vision of the Third Secret — the part that has not been released.

VIII. Why Adhere to Church Dogma?

We must remember that Our Lady has promised that the dogma of Faith will always be preserved in Portugal, leading us to believe that the dogma of Faith will not be preserved elsewhere. We have seen evidence that people think that they can just abandon dogma, as if it doesn't matter.

But if we read what the dogma actually says, this is a solemn definition by the Church's own pronouncement; it cannot be changed. It cannot be changed into some other meaning. It cannot be modified or softened. This is what the Church has defined:

    “There is but one Universal Church of the faithful, outside which no one at all is saved.”

    Again: “We declare, say, define and pronounce, that it is absolutely necessary for salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

And the third definition is the most explicit still, although the first two were quite explicit:

    The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches, that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews, heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal. But they will go into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels, unless before death they are joined with Her.

    “So important is the unity of this Ecclesiastical Body, that only those remaining within this unity can profit by the sacraments of the Church unto salvation. And they alone can receive an eternal recompense for their fasts, their almsgiving, and other works of Christian piety and the duties of a Christian soldier.

    “No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one even if he poured out his blood for the name of Christ, can be saved unless he remain within the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church.” Pope Eugene IV, from the bull Cantate Domino.

It is this dogma which is under attack today, and already we see that people don't even realize that by despising this, they have left the Church. They cannot be members of the Church themselves, if knowingly they refuse to believe what has been solemnly defined.

Let us then realize that we have been for a long time suffering an attack. “We should not wait for an appeal to the world to come from Rome on the part of the Holy Father, to do penance. Nor should we wait for the call to penance to come from our bishops in our dioceses, nor from the religious congregations.” This is Sister Lucy speaking. “No! Our Lord has already very often used these means and the world has not paid attention. That is why now, it is necessary for each one of us to begin to reform himself spiritually. Each person must not only save his own soul but also help the souls that God has placed on his path.” (See

You can join the Fatima Movement of Priests now, by simply saying in your heart that you belong to the Blessed Virgin and you will obey Her Message whole and entire.  God Bless you.

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